Reviewing Your Preview Images

We hope you enjoyed your photo shoot, and now it is time to look through the images that we produced together.

This guide will help you to make your selections from the preview images shared with you.

The Basics

  • The preview images have been cropped and edited for general appearance, tone, and color.
  • We are fans of black-and-white portraits, so we usually include a few. Any image can be re-colorized or converted to black-and-white.
  • Some of the images may look very similar because we try to give a choice of subtly different facial expressions so that you can pick the ones you like best.
  • Please reference images by the 4 digital number in the filename to avoid confusion. You can view the filename by hovering over the image or by clicking on the “i” icon when the image is viewed individually in the gallery.
  • The preview images have not been retouched to remove distracting objects, reduce clothes wrinkles, or other similar imperfections.
  • All of the preview images are yours to keep with no additional charges. They are all available as full-resolution downloads directly from the gallery.

Retouching and Other Edits

  • You may select a reasonable number of the preview images for retouching or further edits if you choose.
  • Retouching includes removing blemishes or bruises, eliminating or de-emphasizing background objects like power lines or signs, and other similar modifications.
  • Retouching does not include altering the individual’s appearance beyond addressing temporary imperfections.
  • Other common requests include changing the crop (all can be cropped smaller, some have room to add space from the original), adjusting the dimensions (e.g. 8×10 vs 4×6), or converting to black-and-white.
  • Sometimes clients may want a different feel from a particular image. For example, you might want a gauzier more dreamlike quality for one or more images. We are happy to accommodate most requests for changes to the color/saturation of an image.

Sharing Your Images

  • You can share your gallery link with whomever you would like (friends, family members, etc.). Anyone with the link can access the gallery, but it is not available on the Photos by Chip website for browsing by the public. If you prefer, we can add a password to the gallery.
  • You can share any of the images provided on social media (either the preview images or the final retouched versions). If you are so inclined, we would love it if you tag @PhotosByChip when you do.

Anything Else?

  • If you have a request for an edit to your portraits and aren’t sure if it is possible, don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to work with you as much as possible to get them to look just the way you want them.